At Cross Country Creative, we don’t want to be your vendor. We want to be your partner

Our founders have decades of experience working in the legal marketing sphere, and their experiences led them to establish an agency that focuses on building relationships with their clients. They blend their in-depth knowledge of the industry and unmatched marketing skills with their passion for providing their clients with a level of personalized, hands-on service you won’t find anywhere else.

Meet Our Founders

Julie O'Neil

A passionate marketing professional with years of client-building experience, Julie considers the success of her clients her own. She enjoys getting to know each client personally, studying their law firm and goals, and using her extensive knowledge of their needs to develop optimal strategies that help them reach their goals.

Julie believes that investing time and resources into developing professional relationships is mutually beneficial, and she takes pride in helping small businesses grow. As co-owner of Cross Country Creative, she demonstrates her dedication to her clients by responding to clients and managing campaigns in real-time as possible, not just during business hours.

Outside of work, Julie likes spending time with her family outdoors and cheering her kids on at the ballpark. A Louisiana native, she’s an avid LSU and Saints fan and loves to watch them play. Julie also enjoys traveling the world and trying new restaurants everywhere she goes.

Jason O'Neil

At the start of his career, Jason spent nearly two decades at one of the largest legal marketing company in the country, where he worked closely with over 1,000 law firms. During this time, he realized that trying to reach sales quotas each month for a large corporation made it difficult to give his clients the attention they deserved. He co-founded Cross Country Creative to provide for his clients what those huge, corporate marketing companies just can’t: providing personalized solutions centered on lasting professional connections.

Jason offers his clients a rare, boutique approach that’s hard to find in the legal marketing world, and he finds it rewarding to devote time to each client, watch them grow, and contribute to their success. By focusing on the exclusivity of his services, he can help his clients dominate their space in the market and achieve their revenue goals year after year.

When he’s not working, Jason loves spending time outdoors. He enjoys camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing and spends a lot of time playing in the backyard and swimming with his wife and kids. He also loves cooking in his outdoor kitchen and can be found most weekends preparing his favorite cuts of meat on his smoker. A devoted Los Angeles sports fan, Jason watches USC Trojans football, Rams, Lakers, and Dodgers games whenever he can. He also likes traveling and eating at different restaurants all over the world.

Cross Country Creative is committed to quality, not quantity. We prioritize creating and nurturing our relationships with our clients instead of just adding more to the list.


  • don’t want contracts,
  • want to see you succeed,
  • will work hard to prove our value to you each month.

This approach has allowed us to consistently exceed our clients’ expectations and maintain a nearly 100% retention rate.

The relationships we’ve established with our clients have enabled us to grow organically over the years, and we believe that’s a testament to our emphasis on providing personalized services. We’ve become an industry leader in law firm marketing, and we’re committed to accelerating your growth through results-driven strategies.

We can offer you a simple, fair pricing structure, help you rank for real keywords, implement highly successful marketing campaigns that lead to measurable success, and provide you with a team of marketing professionals to manage your services. And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.


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