Digital might be king

but traditional media is still a crucial facet of your marketing strategy

While you can likely reach a large swath of your target market through online marketing, advertising on TV and print platforms can be worth the investment–with the right strategy.

The traditional marketing approach that drives traffic and delivers a positive ROI depends on your location and practice area. The team at Cross Country Creative will work with you to determine how we can leverage these resources for your benefit.

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    Advertising on TV used to be limited to commercials, but now there are many more options for reaching your potential clients. Most people access TV shows and movies by using connected TV (CTV) devices like smartphones, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Some watch linear TV through cable and satellite, but most people stream programming through their CTVs. This advancement has given law firms more opportunities for TV ad buying, because many streaming services allow for short, location-specific ads on ad-supported streaming platforms.

    Other services you can also stream on your TV, like music and video streaming apps, run visual and video ads for subscribers who watch for free. We can help you take advantage of these opportunities so you can promote your brand awareness and reach potential clients in your metropolitan area.

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    Like TV advertising, there’s still a place for print ads in marketing strategies. Depending on who you want to reach, ads in publications like local magazines and newspapers can help you reach certain demographics, particularly older audiences and those with limited access to digital services. For attorneys who practice in certain areas of law, this type of marketing has an indispensable role in building their reputation and client base.

    The key to traditional media is making every penny count and maximizing the return on your investment.

Let’s look at your marketing goals and determine if traditional marketing is right for your law firm. Contact us today at (888) 568-3536 to learn more about how TV and media buys can help you increase your law firm’s revenue.
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