Your reputation is the lifeblood of your law firm.

Even in our digital age, many people trust word of mouth over other types of evaluations. That’s why online reviews are so popular, and many of your potential clients will consider them when deciding whether to seek your services or choose another law firm.

Most people who leave reviews for any business are motivated to do so because they’re extremely satisfied with the service they received or they’re particularly unhappy. Sometimes, their dissatisfaction isn’t even the company’s fault, but it reflects poorly on its overall reputation.

Here are some ways we can manage your reputation for you, encourage your current clients to spread the word about your services, and persuade potential clients to reach out to you:

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    Specialized reputation management software allows our team to analyze reviews from multiple online sources in one place. We can collect data, identify trends and patterns, find out what your clients think you’re doing well and integrate it into your marketing strategy, and find ways to improve other areas and resolve concerns with your clients.

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    One way to increase your online ratings is to harness the review platforms that exist. We can help you develop a plan for providing your clients with easy ways to review your law firm and the services you offer. Even clients who are extremely satisfied with your services might not leave a review because it doesn’t occur to them. Strategies like including links in emails, asking for feedback via text, and promoting client reviews on social media can provide them with gentle reminders to share their opinions with your firm and your audience.

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    Our team integrates comment response into the services we provide, particularly through social media marketing. Engaging with clients often encourages them to interact more frequently and leave positive reviews, but clients need to know how to do damage control independently. We can walk you through the process of responding to negative reviews and taking steps to mitigate or resolve them.

Your reputation is essential to gaining new clients, and we can help you compete with other law firms by managing your online impression for you. Contact us today at (888) 568-3536 for more information on our law firm reputation management services.
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