Legal ads are some of the most competitive on pay-per-click (PPC) platforms, and that’s because they can yield significant results. But for optimal results, you need a meticulous strategy that earns you the best ROI for your advertising spend.

That’s where Cross Country Creative comes in.

Many attorneys wonder if PPC is worth it, and the short answer is yes. It allows you to literally rise above your competition in Google searches so your potential clients see you first.

Google Ads is the most common PPC platform, and for a good reason. It can increase your visibility and drive traffic to your website, all while staying within your marketing budget. However, without expert management, it can also lead to lost advertising dollars and disappointing results.

Our team of experts streamlines the process for you by focusing on strategy so you can focus on results. Here’s how we’ll manage your PPC campaigns:

Design your campaign

Designing, developing, and monitoring Google Ads campaigns is the most important part of the process. Your PPC strategy can make or break your campaign, especially with the high level of competition for some of the most common legal keywords.

Google Ads takes more than just your budget into consideration. How much you’re willing to pay for each click, which can range from a few dollars to hundreds, is just part of the equation. Google also considers the quality of your website and your ad when calculating the rate you’ll pay—if you have the winning bid. We’ll make sure your web content and quality are where they should be so we can create a strategy that drives results.

Track your clicks

Google Ads has a built-in dashboard that allows us to monitor important metrics of your campaign, like impressions, return on advertising spend (ROAS), and the number of clicks. Your number of clicks is critical because it tells you how many people have visited your site through your ad and how long they stay.

Every click costs you, and they’re worth it if they bring in good leads. But if we notice a significant bounce rate, meaning your visitors click on your ad and then leave your website without interacting, we know we need to make changes to your strategy. Our team is committed to getting you the best PPC results, and we’ll do the digging and the dirty work to make sure it happens.

Conduct PPC attribution

A good PPC strategy doesn’t just focus on getting clicks; it also focuses on determining where those clicks come from. Understanding the path your leads took to get to you can tell us which parts of your PPC are working and which could use some improvements. We use PPC attribution models to find this data and apply it to your strategy.

Some of the questions we answer using PPC attribution include:

  • What keyword did this lead search?
  • How many steps did these leads take before contacting us?
  • How many leads that contacted you turned into clients?
  • Are you reaching your target market with your PPC ads?
  • What devices did your leads use to find and reach you?

We use several different attribution models to determine your leads’ touchpoints, allowing us to optimize your PPC campaign strategy continuously.

Analyze your competitors

To outdo your competitors, you have to know how your competitors are doing. We use PPC competitor analysis tools to gather data about specific factors that affect the success of your competitor’s campaigns, such as:

  • Who they are
  • The keywords they rank highly for
  • The content of their ads
  • The features of their landing pages

By researching what law firms are doing and learning what works for them—and what doesn’t—we can find vulnerabilities in their campaigns that we can leverage for your benefit. We can develop approaches that compete with their methods and optimize your content to help you rank higher, increase your quality score, and outbid them.

Customize landing pages

Getting clicks is important, but they don’t help you if the lead doesn’t convert. Taking leads to a landing page that explains exactly how you can meet their needs based on their search term is essential for turning your visitors into clients.

We create customized landing pages as part of your PPC campaign that align with the content of your ads and help you make a connection with your leads. Website visitors decide within seconds whether they’ll stay on your page or look for another law firm, and we design landing pages that make them want to look around, learn more, and reach out to you for help.


Show you your results

We might handle your entire PPC campaign, but we don’t do it without complete transparency. We want you to see exactly how we’re using your financial resources, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of each campaign. We’ll use our client dashboard to give you a visual representation of the parts of your campaign that are performing well and, if necessary, discuss changes we may need to make to increase your success.

At Cross Country Creative, we’re committed to getting you clicks that convert. Contact us today to learn more about our law firm PPC services at (888) 568-3536.
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