How Can Branding Set You Apart From Other Law Firms?

How Can Branding Set You Apart From Other Law Firms?
February 5, 2023

When potential clients are looking for a lawyer, chances are, they have no trouble finding a wide array of choices. Many law firms find themselves fighting to stand out amidst a pack of others who seem to offer similar services and options. By establishing a solid brand, however, many lawyers find themselves in a better position to reach out to potential clients, establish who they are, and explain why those clients should choose them for their legal needs. 

What is Branding?

A brand is a company’s story and identity: the thing that makes it stand out from others around it. For a law firm, that means the specific things that set the firm apart. It starts with laying out the firm’s values, vision, and, in many cases, origin. Then, throughout the branding process, law firms will develop the materials that help support that brand, including items like:

  • Taglines
  • Logos
  • Tone of voice used on the lawyer’s website and advertisements
  • Images used for the firm
  • Visual design elements of the website, company communications, and other key details

Branding is a common part of many retail businesses. However, law firms will also benefit strongly from putting together key branding content that helps establish who they are. 

The Importance of Creating a Unique Brand Identity

In many cases, clients may start to feel as though law firms all look the same. They may seem to make the same general statements: “We can help you after your accident!” “We will fight to help protect your rights after criminal accusations!” The reality, however, is that each law firm has its own unique story. What drew those lawyers into the field of law in the first place? Why should potential clients trust them? Creating a unique brand identity, and clearly establishing that brand identity for members of the target audience, can help law firms achieve their goals. 

1. Branding helps draw clients to the firm.

In many cases, consumers prefer to choose a law firm that stands out from the crowd: one that believes in the same mission they do, that gives back to the local community, or that has the elements they are really looking for as they seek a law firm. A law firm that has nothing to help it stand out may simply fail to meet the needs of potential clients–and may never catch their notice. 

2. Branding makes the law firm stand out.

In many cases, clients will go through a fast research process when they start to look for a law firm that fits their needs. Many people discover that they need a lawyer during a period of urgency: they have just suffered a serious injury and need a lawyer to help with the claim, they have just faced criminal charges and need legal advice about what to do next, or they have an urgent need for a family lawyer to help with a divorce or custody battle. Solid branding helps law firms stand out, making them more memorable in the minds of potential clients as they perform those searches. 

3. Solid branding helps improve client confidence.

Clients need to have a high level of trust in their lawyers. They need to know what type of experience they will have every time they connect with the law firm, what they can expect from their lawyers, and what the firm stands for. Consistent branding can help law firms maintain those guidelines and provide consistency in every interaction with their clients, including phone and email communications, visits to the website, and even visits to the office. 

4. Branding helps guide decisions about the firm’s direction.

Sometimes, especially as more lawyers come on board, a firm may start to struggle with its overall direction. What does it support? Should the firm take on clients for reduced fees or take on pro bono clients? How should the firm shape its pricing? A clear brand identity can help guide the firm through those decisions. 

Tips for Developing Brand Identity as a Law Firm

Law Firm Branding Tips

Law firms may need to keep several things in mind as they develop their brand identity. 

1. Identity starts with the lawyers. 

Often, lawyers will have specific stories about why they got into law and what is important to them. For example, a personal injury lawyer might have a story about a family member who suffered a serious injury and what those losses meant to the family. A divorce lawyer might remember a rocky divorce or custody battle in childhood, and want to guide others through it. A personal story can help show a lawyer’s commitment to the industry and to their clients more clearly. 

2. Lawyers must define their target audience.

Each firm has a unique target audience. First, of course, lawyers will generally focus on a specific field. People typically do not look for multi-purpose lawyers, since they do not need lawyers who have only a vague understanding of the area of the law in which they need support. Instead, they usually look for lawyers specialized in their field. Furthermore, law firms may need to focus on the specific demographics of their target market. While some firms may focus on providing support to low-income populations, others may focus more on high earners. Clearly defining that target market can make it easier for law firms to establish a brand identity that speaks to their target market’s needs. 

3. A clear mission statement can make a big difference.

After defining their target market, lawyers may also need to take the time to write out a clear mission statement. What does the firm want to accomplish? Why is the firm in business? A mission statement can serve as a key element of that brand identity. 

4. Lawyers need to clearly lay out their values and benefits.

Law firms generally have clear elements that they focus on. Sometimes, those may include elements that set them apart from the pack. As part of their brand identity, they need to lay out those values and the benefits of working with their firm. 

Brand identity can make a huge difference for many law firms as they struggle to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. By clearly establishing a brand identity, many lawyers find that they see increased business and overall firm success. 

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