Google Local Services Ads

How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Firm

How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Firm
November 5, 2022

Google local service ads have many benefits for law firms. Prospective clients often search how far a firm is from their home as well as the legal services they offer. Utilizing local service ads can help target those in close proximity. 

Google Ads used to be called Google AdWords. The service allows businesses to promote their products and services on search pages, YouTube, and other sites across the web. 

Google Local Services Ads (LSA) shifts the focus of advertising. Instead of promoting to as many users as possible across multiple sites, LSAs concentrate on lead generation. LSAs target specific locations and drive users to a law firm. 

The following are the most significant differences between Google’s advertising opportunities.

Pay Per Click Versus Pay Per Lead

Google Ad Services are traditionally pay-per-click (PPC), meaning a company will pay every time a visitor clicks on their ad. Since many users will abandon the site if they do not meet their needs, the PPC model can become costly for smaller firms catering to specific regions.

Google’s LSAs are a pay-per-lead model. Law firms only pay for leads that are valid. To be considered a valid lead, a user must take some kind of action after clicking on an ad, including:

  • Booking a consultation
  • Using a chat box feature to inquire about services
  • Calling a firm directly to inquire about services or appointments

LSAs are far more cost-effective for law firms seeking to capture a greater share of the market.

Google Ad Services and LSA Availability

Availability between the two services is another stark difference. Google Ad Services have been around for years. However, LSAs are only available in certain areas. Most medium and larger metropolitan cities are good locations for an LSA. 

Google Ad Services and LSA Ad Creation

Google Ad Services require companies to create quality ad content to utilize the service. Large, national firms may have talent readily available to create exceptional ad copy quickly and efficiently. However, many medium and smaller firms need to be more responsible with their resources.  

LSAs do not need creative or unique content. Instead, they will prominently display the following information:

  • The law firm’s name
  • Firm rating
  • Vital firm information, like address and contact phone numbers
  • If applicable, Google’s Guarantee icon

Unlike Google Ad Services, LSAs are more of a hand-off approach to advertising.

LSAs and Keyword Phrases

Keywords and keyword phrases are critical to search engine optimization (SEO). With Google Ad Services, law firms need to constantly research the popular keywords for their services. 

However, Google will research and create the best keyword phrases for the Local Service Ads. Firms simply select the types of services they offer, the location they serve, and Google will handle the rest. 

How Does Google Local Service Ads Benefit Law Firms?

Google Local Services Ads

LSAs can be a cost-friendly solution to a highly competitive market. By concentrating on location, law firms can improve their SEO strategy and target only prospective clients.

Location of Ads

LSAs are predominantly displayed at the top of a search engine page. They appear above all other types of results, including Google Service Ads. Considering user behavior, law firms seen at the top of the page have a distinct advantage over other practices.  

Better Control Over Your Advertising Budget

Because LSAs are pay-per-lead (PPL), they are far more cost-effective than the PPC model used predominantly over the last decade. Law firms can set a weekly budget and only pay for quality leads who have taken action. 

Google will never exceed the budget that a law firm sets. Unlike Google Service ads, a law firm will never pay for a visitor who simply bounces off their site. 

Greater Credibility with the Google Guarantee

As touched on above, the Google Guarantee is offered for LSAs. The Google Guarantee is a type of verification or seal of approval from the Search Engine.

To earn the little green check badge of trust, law firms must pass a screening process. The verification involves:

  • A background check
  • Insurance checks
  • Licensing checks
  • All other documents that ensure the credibility of a law firm

The Google Guarantee ensures clients that if they are dissatisfied, they may be able to get their money back. Having the Google Guarantee inspires trust and credibility for local law firms.  

Market Differentiation 

Whenever a prospective client researches legal services, Google Maps often displays local firms to the right side of the screen. Google will differentiate law firms with an LSA by using purple pins. This distinction increases visibility and encourages users to choose a purple pin over other pins. 

Highlight Positive Reviews

Google creates complex algorithms with the intention of improving search results for users. When a law firm uses LSAs, Google will prominently display ratings and the best reviews. By highlighting positive reviews, users are more likely to click the site and take action, like calling for a consultation. 

Connect Directly with Prospective Clients

LSAs are, by name, local ads. Only users who are looking for specific services in a particular location will see the ad. With Google Ad Services, a person may be in Albany, New York searching for a criminal defense attorney and see ads for defense firms in Manhattan. An LSA will only drive local, quality leads to a law firm’s website. 

How Does Google Local Service Ads Work?

To create an LSA, a firm should first check the availability of the service in their area. If offered, they can set up their Google Local Service Ad by following these steps:

  • Add business details: Make sure to include contact information, the size of the company, the year the firm was founded, etc.
  • Select service area: The most important step to creating an LSA is choosing the location a firm will be servicing. Businesses can choose multiple zip codes. The interactive map will highlight the areas. 
  • Choose the services to offer: To create truly targeted ads, Google needs to know what specific services a firm will offer.
  • Selecting firm hours: Law firms should choose the days and times they are available to prospective clients. If a firm offers 24-hour phone service, it is important to include all accurate information. 

Once the Google forms have been filled out, the final screen will offer a preview of the Local Service Ad. Google may offer some suggestions that will increase the performance or look of the ad. In addition, a law firm can apply to be screened by the Google Guarantee. 

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