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Law firm located outside of Boston looking to increase criminal defense business and personal injury where possible.

After launching and optimizing a brand new website for the firm, the CCC team has focused solely on LSA and ad campaigns with the goal of reducing the cost per phone call and signed case acquisition cost.

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Our Approach

By managing both LSA and PPC campaigns together to make sure that they complemented one another, the first was able to achieve rapid results with CCC’s direction and hands-on management.

Anthony Riccio and our agency’s owners Julie and Jason have developed a workflow that fosters open feedback and regular check-ins, something that has not only given Attorney Riccio the peace of mind that he has a team thoroughly invested in the success of his business but also something that has allowed a nimble approach to modifying campaigns to maximize performance in real time based upon client feedback.


Great team, great approach, great results. Jason and Julie are amazing at what they do, they love what they do and it shows. Highly recommend the CCC team to anyone looking to grow their business while staying focused on what you do best, practicing law. Highly recommend!

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