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As a leading personal injury law firm in the Denver area, The Fang Law Firm has been quite familiar with the benefits of effective advertising. However, in mid-2021 the firm was struggling to acquire cases from Google Local Services ads and was referred to CCC as the best in the business in this niche.

Partnering with CCC resulted in massive growth at a rapid pace. With the dialed intake efforts already in place by the firm and the personalized approach that Julie and Jason have taken every day with Remington Fang, the partnership has been wildly successful and has expanded from LSA to other areas of online marketing that have all been extremely effective for the firm.


Our Efforts

CCC came on board to drive immediate results and rapid growth in the areas of motor vehicle accidents and catastrophic injuries for a firm that was already performing quite well organically.

Within one month of taking over The Fang Law Firm’s Google Local Services ad campaigns, the firm signed more MVA cases directly attributed to our campaigns than it had in any other single month from other advertising campaigns in the previous five years. We have continued to deliver results monthly and have expanded online efforts to managing both LSA and PPC campaigns to complement one another.


Wonderful experience with Julie and Jason. They are incredibly knowledgable, responsive, and transparent. They got my marketing plan up and running within a couple of weeks and what a difference it made. They are one of the few companies that I can truly recommend and at the same time say “do whatever they tell you to do, and that’s all you need.” Five stars all day long and twice on Sunday.

Remington Fang, The Fang Law Firm

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