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Aggressive criminal defense and personal injury law firm with goals of dominating multiple markets in Arizona.

CCC co-founder Jason O’Neil and Richard Suzuki have been working together for 20 years, and the CCC partnership with Suzuki Law Offices has grown into a wildly successful growth engine for the law firm. The recurring theme of trust resonates with this partnership and everything that our agency does for the firm revolves around full transparency and making sure to maximize every effort to exceed the firm’s ROI goals during any given month.



Our entire team works with the entire team at Suzuki Law Offices on a daily basis to ensure that our leads are producing quantifiable retained cases.

We personally follow up on leads on a daily basis, and it has made all the difference in an operation such as the scope of this firm. The firm is growing at such a rapid pace, and CCC is thrilled to be a part of the growth and process along the way.


Julie, Jason and the Cross Country Creative team are amazing! They are always available and truly work diligently to obtain the best possible ROI. Thank you for all you do and continue to do for my law firm. I look forward to amazing future growth with you as my team.


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