Allan Berger & Associates

Defective drug and product liability firm that has been no stranger to advertising in a variety of areas such as TV, outdoor billboards and radio. The firm hired CCC to deploy an online marketing strategy and after quick success in that area transferred a wide range of advertising responsibilities to Julie and her team. This seasoned injury firm and their partnership with CCC has been the definition of success through teamwork.


Our Comprehensive Marketing Approach

Allan Berger and his team have been guided by the CCC team from a holistic point of view for the past 4 years, and the firm has achieved year over year growth even while the city of New Orleans was near shut down during the pandemic.

Julie and Jason have enjoyed collaborating with the firm, and they understand that they are a trusted partner and not just another vendor to Allan Berger & Associates. This partnership has positively impacted the firm’s bottom line and has made for a fantastic working relationship.


Cross Country Creative provides an invaluable service to our firm.  Julie is one of the best I’ve ever worked with, and she and her team are always responsive to any inquiries we may have. I highly recommend Cross Country Creative to any firm that seeks top-notch service and results, which should be every single firm out there.

Andrew Geiger, Esq, Partner

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