Personal Injury Attorneys In Metairie & New Orleans

Catastrophic injury firm with two offices in Louisiana. The CCC team recently executed a rebranding strategy and the firm has achieved double digit growth and continues to expand with their partnership with the CCC agency.


Our History

CCC co-founder Julie O’Neil and Charbonnet Law Firm have been working together for almost 15 years. Trust is such an important factor to the way that CCC does business, and we want all current and prospective clients to understand the pride that we take in our work and in delivering results month after month.

The law firm views CCC as a trusted partner, and the agency views Charbonnet Law Firm as an extension of their own work every single day.


We began working with Julie over 10 years ago and have always success because of her innovative ideas, trustworthy approach to recommending what is in our best interest and knowledge of the industry. Most importantly, we continue working with her team due to the bottom line results that they produce. People do business with people that they like and not only is Julie a professional of integrity but she knows the business inside and out.

Robert Charbonnet, Managing Partner

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